Vintage dating life: Should women court guys? (1960)

Vintage dating life: Should women court guys? (1960)

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Should females court guys? By Olga Curtis, Parade women’s editor

How exactly does a lady win a spouse? By tradition, she waits until “the right man comes along, ” then retreats shyly her, pursues her and finally leads her to the altar while he woos.

She’s never designed to woo him — as well as in the past, she didn’t need to. Male-dominated courtship made sense whenever girls invested their amount of time in the parlor and Papa seemed thrilled to pay all of the bills.

But things are very different in 1960. First of most, there simply aren’t sufficient men to go around. More over, females now work, make their very own cash and spend their very own bills. Ladies are healthier, wealthier, more many than guys — and much more anxious to get hitched.

Yet, although ladies are permitted equal legal rights in voting and spending taxes, courtship stays one thing for the men. A lot of us raise an eyebrow in the basic concept of a girl phoning a person, asking him for a romantic date; having to pay the check, delivering him presents and proposing. (more…)